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A new system prevents toilet seats from loosening while cutting installation time by a third.

Installing a commercial toilet seat seems straightforward. But no matter how carefully it's done, toilet seats in these venues eventually come loose and someone pays for a callback to fix the seat.

Why Do Seats Always Loosen?

It could be that the mounting nuts were not properly tightened, either from fear of damaging the bowl or from stainless steel components seizing up, also called galling. Perhaps the L-bolt slipped, shifted or partially straightened out in its plastic housing; or the bolt was never snug and centered in the mounting hole. Possibly, the flat washer distorted into a cup shape, weakening its grip...

But with the stress of use, these and other factors cause a loss in clamping force over time. So even if the seat was installed perfectly, the system eventually fails and you have a loose seat. But now, that's changed.

As the world's leading manufacturer of toilet seats, Bemis Manufacturing knew there had to be a better way. Bemis spent the better part of a year studying the mechanics and materials of fastening hardware and how experienced installers do their work.

A Better System

By rethinking the hinge from top to bottom and from inside out, Bemis came up with an improved approach called the STA-TITE® Commercial Fastening System™. Its proprietary design overcomes all the standard hardware problems mentioned above — and the inevitable loosening they cause.

For example, the system has a finned bushing molded onto the bolt of the hinge body. This bushing ensures precise centering and a sure fit in the mounting holes to prevent shifting. The mounting nuts are equally unique. Rather than three pieces of stainless steel, the STA-TITE® nut is a single unit with an integrated washer. The body made from a composite that won't gall with stainless steel but yields advantageous frictional forces. Its size makes it easier to handle and it's impossible to assemble nut and washers in the wrong order.

Precise Tightening

STA-TITE® nuts have two hex-shaped sections separated by a narrow cove. The lower section serves as the turning surface for installation. After initial finger-tightening, a 5/8-inch wrench is used on this section. When the proper tightening torque is achieved, the cove section shears away. No special tools are needed, and there's no guesswork about how tight is tight enough.

A Stronger Connection

In standard mountings, the parts and materials literally work against each other. The STA-TITE® components, however, work together. The whole system allows higher clamping forces without risking damage to the bowl. And that yields a much stronger and longer lasting attachment. In addition, the STA-TITE® system simplifies and speeds the process. In tests comparing installation time, experienced plumbers using STA-TITE® components did the job 33% faster than they did with standard fasteners.

Bemis is promoting the STA-TITE® Commercial Fastening System™ as "breakthrough" technology, and that's more than a clever phrase. This patented system is going to make installation easier for both plumbers and contractors. Facility managers as well as people who use public restrooms will be much happier when they no longer have to deal with loose toilet seats.
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